Branding Basics #9: Law of the Name


It’s all about the name.

Uber branding Law of the Name

In the previous article in the Branding Basics series; we covered The Law of the Category. When you narrow your product/service category so much that you no longer have any competition, you’re launching a brand new category. You’ve found a problem to solve for a target consumer.

With the differentiating concept, it’s time for the most important decision you’ll ever make with this venture. What to name your product or service?

Don’t label your product or service with only the short term on your mind. Spend time to properly define who you are. You’ll need a short, unique and memorable name to represent the brand. Many companies have fallen into the trap of using long, vague, and generic line-extension names for their new brands. Many management executives have failed to appreciate what the right name can do for a product or service. A successful brand captures the essence of a company and connects emotionally with the right demographic. In the long term, the unique concept behind the brand goes away, leaving behind just the perception of the name.

Uber is the short, unique and memorable name of a car service company that has boldly expanded to now serve 200 cities in 45 countries. They weren’t the first in the category, but smart brand tweaking and solid marketing efforts made the company distinctive, in just the way they needed to be. The tagline “Everyone’s Private Driver” instantly separated them from the Taxi’s of the world. The Uber brand is young and playful, yet sophisticated, and looking to change the way people get places when they don’t have a car(or public transport) available. The service is Smartphone app-based, and the on-demand drivers and riders are able to rate each other. The brand aims to represent a set of values and attributes that reflect the spirit of the company that aims to provide a “world class experience.”

Uber started out being called UberCab. Soon, though, the name was trimmed to just Uber to better represent the brand. The company’s philosophy endured.

A brand is the soul of a company. It’s not just something to think about periodically at marketing meetings. The right name will help build the brand in the mind of the consumer.

Take Away from the Law of the Name
“In The Long Run, a good Name encapsulates everything”