Coke’s Latest Viral Campaign Lesson

Article’s like this one by the CBC ask, When will the brands ever learn?

…”time and again, we see those same campaigns get mocked, hijacked, and twisted beyond belief by people who use services like Twitter…”

In the end, we’re still talking about Coca-Cola.

Coke gifthefeeling viral campaignThat’s all anyone is going to remember. Brand awareness stays strong, thanks to creative & viral social media fun. This isn’t the first time Coke has initiated a marketing campaign that opened itself up to being trolled. Besides, trending online – however that happens – also gives them the opportunity to be in the spotlight, respond well to the negativity, and carry on strong.

And, it just so happened that Coke’s latest GIFthefeeling viral campaign went viral a week before rival Pepsi was sponsoring the Superbowl Halftime show.

Hmmm…Coincidence or conspiracy?

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