How To Use Facebook Advertising For Advanced Targeting

If you have used both Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising, you might have noticed that as PPC ad platforms, they are fundamentally different.

Google Adwords is an “intent-based” search engine. If a person searches for “Great coffee in New York,” and you have the snappiest ad copy and highest bid on the same keywords, you will win the click.

We usually use Facebook for sharing photos with friends and family, commenting on other’s status or playing games. We are not actively searching for any specific product or service. This makes Facebook advertisement tricky to set up for people who are used to create keyword search ads.

If you have never set up a Facebook Ad before, you can read our previous blog—Things You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising. This article will focus on listing some advance targeting techniques for Facebook Advertising.

HubSpot has a great article on this topic with very detailed explanations. It is a great resource and takes about 15 minutes to read.

1) Facebook Ad Targeting by Interests and Location


If you want to create a coupon for a hardware store, you may think that you want to target “the 25 to 44 age group, married, male…” However, that is still very broad in many ways. To narrow this down, you may want to use the “Interest Cloud Technique,” which is to create a cloud of all the potential interests of a person who might get excited by a trip to the hardware store, and then make sure there’s a convenient geographic location available to them.

First, we look at interest. We will start broad with DIY, then move onto specific activities, and then get even more granular with specific television shows. To drill down deeper, we will be searching the names of TV shows and of writers for home improvement magazines.


Next, we look at the geographical location. Even if your perfect potential customer saw the ad based on your interest cloud, if he lives 2 hours away from your nearest store, it doesn’t make sense for him to travel 2 hours to save $5. So location mapping is also important.

Here is what you should do: First, open the location finder and get all the cities that have a store.


Then list all cities you have researched. This way you’ve targeted every single person on Facebook who is most likely to take action on your offer and is within driving distance of your locations.


If you want to test which demographic had the most buying power in a specific region, you could break it down further by age and gender.

It may sounds like tedious work right now, but in the long run, getting this specific with your segmentation allows you to use creative that speaks directly to the person clicking on the ad. Not only does this improve your conversion rates, but in the long run, it also plays a huge role in brand affinity in different markets.

2) Facebook Ad Targeting by Job Role & Company

Let’s say you are selling software that is targeting the CEOs and company presidents. We will use the interest cloud from before to get all the job titles for this category.


After this, we probably still have a huge number of people:


Where this gets interesting is when we start targeting these high-level executives by the business they’re responsible for. To do this, you simply scroll down to “See Advanced Targeting Options.”


If our software is for traditional ad agencies,



This significantly narrows down your specific target.

3) Facebook Ad Targeting by Socioeconomic Status

Marketing 101 says that the best sales come when a customer:

A) Quickly identifies the need for a product or service, and

B) Can easily afford it.
You can search for which regions are wealthier and enter those postal codes. You can check out this article for Canadian’s Richest and Poorest Neighbourhood by Postal Codes.

In these wealthy areas, the competition’s bidding price might be high. You may set your bids slightly higher.

Also remember that if you’re going to sell in higher income markets, be prepared to offer something of seriously high value and quality.

Wrapping up, A lot of people try to make social media platform ads before they really understand how they work. By taking the extra time to research all the different ways people might describe their interests, then researching how those interests are marketed, you can create targeting profiles, copy, and images that will stand out and provide an enjoyable experience.

If you have any questions, comments, or tips on Facebook Advertising targeting. Please let us know!