IPSC World Magazine

IPSC World Magazine

48 High Impact Pages designed for the International Practical Shooting Confederation

Agenda was commissioned to redesign IPSC Magazine in time for the 2014 World Shoot in Florida.

IPSC observed that their members and readership were wanting a fresh face to their beloved magazine. Similarly, IPSC wanted to be at the forefront of the digital publishing trend, and began embracing the new paradigm by investing in their own digital property. After turning inward for workshops led by Marco Hernandez, IPSC Media Director, they found in Agenda their ideal partner to design the magazine to the roadmap they had created. Agenda and IPSC eagerly embarked on the journey to revamp and reinvigorate their magazine.

Today’s readers expect a level of professionalism from this international organization. Agenda’s job was to create a beautiful  experience designed to help the advertisers to effectively showcase their ads while informing and entertaining the readership. The impact of the magazine was felt in its being fully embraced by members and industry colleagues alike. This international community have complimented the redesign an “impressive and beautiful success.”

IPSC Global Magazine - Table of Contents
IPSC Global Magazine - Young Guns

Functional, engaging and impressive. Thank you Agenda!

– Marco Hernandez

  IPSC Media Director

IPSC World Magazine - Trivia Page

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