Interactive Homepages

Interactive Homepages

At Agenda, we specialize in designing extraordinary websites and interactive homepages for our clients.


Interactive WebsitesMake a great first impression

An interactive homepage will engage and impress your visitors, allowing them to read on-demand content without leaving the page. Using various technologies, we can display your key messages in a time-lined  format that encourages interaction.

We’ll create four scenes that will impress your prospects and leads. We can embed video, create a mini slide show, or consult with you to determine the most compelling way to showcase your messages.

Your interactive homepage will be dynamic, showcasing who you are and what you do. Targeted messages will focus on customer pain points, solutions, promotions, services/products and/or testimonials.

“Agenda – You make Great Websites and First Impressions!”

Paula Hope, Referral Institute


To learn more about Agenda’s interactive homepage services contact us for a free consultation.

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